Review: WINOL Bulletin 24-10-12


After watching the WINOL Bulletin I found that overall the presentation of the reporters was clear and the articles were well written. The clips were relevant and showed the most important parts of the reports. There was a good range of topics appealing to various audiences and the students all looked smart and professional.

The coverage of the US Presidential debate was interesting, especially reporting from London, and I found that the report was informative and included some interesting interviews with panelists and a nice contrast with opposing views from the Professor of US Politics at the University of London.

The report on the conviction of a local man for arson was well written however, my only criticism would be that the autocue was possibly a bit too far to the left when the reporter was outside the flat.

I thought that the typography used in the report of the Hat Fair was nice and the use of two camera angles capturing goals in the football report was equally effective.

My only criticism would be that there were some sharp cuts and pauses between certain clips, such as before the report on the scabies outbreak, at the university, where the report faded out a bit too soon before the interview with Student Union President, Harry Stow. I was also slightly confused by the highlights at the end of the bulletin but other than that it was easy to follow.

About brackenstockley

Contributor to the JusticeGap and WINOL. Currently studying journalism at the University of Winchester (Year Three).
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3 Responses to Review: WINOL Bulletin 24-10-12

  1. Just so you know, we don’t have autocues on location!! We have to memorise stuff, you’ll find out next year! Thanks for the review though.

  2. Great to hear some feedback on the bulletin. You said you were confused by the highlights at the end, what was it you were confused about?

    • Thank-you. I’m very sorry for the late reply. I was slightly confused about the clips showing gender equality and James Bond as I thought they were highlights from the bulletin but I realise now that they are highlights from the week?

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