Journalism Now: The Guardian media

The Guardian, a British national daily newspaper founded in 1821 as The Manchester Guardian, is published by Guardian News & Media (GNM) which is the core business of Guardian Media Group plc (GMG).  GMG is wholly owned by the Scott Trust Limited.

The media section of the Guardian appears solely in the Monday issue and consists of three main sections: Opinion, Interview and Media Monkey’s Diary.

Opinion tends to centre on current affairs such as the US elections, (largely debated in the early November issue), or speculation over who would be the new director general of the BBC.

Interview usually takes up a full page. Interviews can include anyone from ‘The Rockstar Games’ co-founder, Dan Houser: predicting the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V becoming the ‘vanguard of a new entertainment era’, to Lady Gaga’s manager on ‘why micronetworks and specialist sites are the future of social media’. In October the newspaper published an interview with Matthew Bannister, the former Radio 1 chief, discussing the station’s culture in the ‘Smashie and Nicey’ era, tabloid pressures over ratings, and how the BBC is coping with the Savile scandal.

Media Monkey’s Diary is a column written by an anonymous journalist (or number of journalists) under the pseudonym, Monkey. The opinionated column is made up of short but punchy bullet points on current affairs in the media, such as comments on the Murdoch empire, Boris Johnson and his puzzling ‘vendetta’ on the Guardian and the plans for London Live: the bid from the London Evening Standard to run a local television service in the metropolis.

On Monday 12th November 2012 there was a special article on the ‘Leveson Report’ showing that sometimes, important events can take precedence over the usual columns and in this issue it replaced the Interview.

Coming up this week is a small section above the Interview informing readers on upcoming events such as the Society of Editors conference in Belfast and the Radio Festival in Salford, which both took place in November, or even ABC national newspaper figures for that month.

As well as the two-page spread, media also has an additional page for Creative, Marketing & Sales – advertising opportunities to become, for example, the Director of Sky 1 HD.

Records between February and July of this year suggest that the average daily sale of the newspaper is 213,853 copies.  In reference to demographics, the Guardian boasts a high proportion of AB adults, ABC1 women 25-44, ABC1 men 25-44 and ABC1 adults with a terminal education of 21+.

In August 2012, GNM produced ‘The Guardian and Observer reader profile’, boasting their specific audience traits as ‘well travelled’, ‘progressive’, ‘highly affluent’, ‘well educated’ and financially ‘savvy’ people.

The latest rate card for the Guardian shows that the current value of advertisements ranges between £3,836 for a quarter page in mono, to £34,000 for a double spread in colour. Other sections and supplements provided in the Monday issue of the Guardian also include: European Edition, G2, Office Hours and Sport.

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Contributor to the JusticeGap and WINOL. Currently studying journalism at the University of Winchester (Year Three).
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