Winchester City Council: Cabinet (Housing Delivery) Committee, Wednesday 22nd May 2013, 10am, Walton Suite Guildhall, Winchester

This council meeting was held to discuss various Winchester City Council housing schemes in the local area.

Councillors attending the meeting:

  • Councillor Tait  (Chairman)
  • Councillor Weston
  • Councillor Godfrey
Councillor Coates
  • Councillor Scott
  • Councillor Rutter
  • Councillor Izard
  • Councillor J. Berry

Five stories of interest from the meeting:

1. Milland Road, budgeted at £161,000, has been dropped from the New Housebuilding Programme by Winchester City Council. Chairman of the meeting, Councillor Ian Tait, made clear that should any new builds go ahead in future, it will be made explicitly clear to residents and they will not be pushed out of their homes. If I was to pursue this story I would research reasons as to why the initial fees on Milland Road have not been approved in accordance with the Finance Procedure and what disputes from the public were put forward as to why the build should not have gone ahead.

2. The New Queens Head pub in Stanmore Lane is most likely to be demolished if its living accommodation is deemed uninhabitable. Authorisation and planning permission for the demolition would take up to eight weeks.
 Arguments for the demolition include reports of break-ins and anti-social behaviour, despite the Council’s efforts to employ the same security company as its previous owners.

3. Public disputes spark after members of the council approved the Abbotts Barton Planning Framework to develop land for housing in the area naming Dyson Drive as a site for potential development. Members of the public argue over whether or not Dyson Drive has any existing private rights that might affect the development. Another of the sites put forward for development in the area, Charles Close (in particular the top end), is also in debate but no detailed proposals on any of the potential sites have been put in place at this stage. To develop this into a news story, research would have to be made into The Local Government Act 1972 and a poll could be taken in the area to determine the extent of those for an against the development.

4. The Head of Estates is said to have been authorised to sell surplus small plots of land held within the Housing Revenue Account.  An estimated 10-15 (potentially more) small plots in Winchester are to be sold either at auction or otherwise to generate capital receipts to fund the Council House New Build Programme. Research into exactly which plots would be sold would be needed to develop this story.

5. Planning permission has been confirmed to allow the development of the former garage court, Bourne Close, Otterbourne, and former sewerage treatment plant, Station Close, Itchen Abbas. A proposed three family dwellings are to be constructed at Bourne Close and a further five at Station Close. In relation to Station Close, the Council’s employer’s agents have analysed their proposal and recommend that the Council set a contingency amount for any additional works in connection to the utility services/foul drainage; as well as a second contingency in the appraisals for the scheme.

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Contributor to the JusticeGap and WINOL. Currently studying journalism at the University of Winchester (Year Three).
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