WINOL: Production: Weeks 1 & 2

This year I was excited to be appointed a Sub-Editor and AV Producer of WINOL. My main role as AV Producer is to assist the production editor in setting up and running the studio, organising OBs, and helping out with the post-production of video and audio. Our main productions for WINOL include Sportsweek on a Tuesday and then the Live at Five Bulletin on the Wednesday.

Monday 23rd September – We were debriefed on our job roles by our production editor, Nicole Collas, and informed of the schedule for the upcoming week. As it was week one of the semester there was no Sportsweek or Bulletin for this week.

Tuesday 24th September – Instead of filming for Sportsweek we had the studio to ourselves so as a production team we were shown how to set up the studio in terms of: lighting, the new vision mixer, green screen, cameras, autocue, VT software and sound. This was all very useful experience to prepare us for our first WINOL the following week and I found that although there was a lot of information to take in, the equipment was simple enough to use however, I would need to have lots of practice to improve my skills.

Wednesday 25th September – We had a re-cap of everything we learnt the previous day setting up the studio and equipment. Afterwards we ran through a mock Bulletin, having a go on all the different equipment including the autocue, VT and sound.

WINOL – Production: Week 2

Monday 30th September – After our debrief on the week ahead, I was able to set up an account as a Sub-Editor for the WINOL WordPress blog which allows me to view and sub-edit news stories that are produced by reporters to check and correct them before they are published.

Tuesday 1st October – This was our first Sportsweek filming a brief report from Tom Baxter, Sports Editor and Sportsweek Producer. Unfortunately we encountered some problems with our recordings after discovering a problem with the tape recorder. Despite this, we were able to produce a successful recording although this was not included in the Bulletin the next day. In the afternoon I attended camera training for using Canon SLRs: 450s/550s/650s so that I can access them for high quality shooting and filming for future use.

Wednesday 2nd October – Our first WINOL Live at Five Bulletin. After arriving and setting up the studio at 9am, our production team spent the rest of the day collecting stories from reporters, testing all the equipment and sub-editing news stories to be published on the WINOL site. My main role on the production team was to control the autocue. After a hectic morning collecting stories and sub-editing, we finally had all our packages together from the reporters by half past two. Unfortunately, the script wasn’t ready until 10 minutes before the main broadcast so we didn’t have time for rehearsals or a proper run through. I found that operating the autocue was slightly more difficult for this reason. Without being able to read the script in advance, the starts and stops were a bit of a surprise although, despite a couple of hiccups, the production ran smoothly and we were able to broadcast on time at 3 o’ clock.

You can click here to see read a full debrief of our first WINOL with feedback from Ian Anderson, recently output editor of the BBC 10 O’Clock News, BBC Breakfast News and now BBC World Service trust:


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