WINOL: Production: Weeks 3 & 4

Tuesday 8th October (Police COMPASS meeting: Policing the night-time economy)

Today on Production I had the role of being on Auto-cue. It was great experience to be present at the meeting between Police Crime Commissioner, Simon Hayes, and Chief Constable, Andy Marsh, and of course to practice my technical skills in the gallery. As part of the production team we had to be in early to set up before everybody arrived and because of this we had plenty of time to make sure everything was able to run smoothly.

Wednesday 9th October (2nd WINOL Bulletin)

Presenter: Liam Garrahan                                       News Editor: Christina Michaels

This was our second Winol Bulletin as a production team and we definitely saw improvements from the previous week in all aspects of the bulletin.

Unfortunately, yet again, the script wasn’t ready until 10 minutes before the main broadcast so we didn’t have time for a complete run through. I found that operating the autocue was easier this week due to practice and although multiple changes to the script caused a couple of problems, we were able to broadcast on time at 3 o’ clock.

You can click here to see read a full debrief of our second WINOL with feedback from Ian Anderson and Brian Thornton:

Tuesday 15th October – No Sportsweek this week.

Wednesday 16th October (3rd WINOL Bulletin)

Presenter: Ellen Millard                                     News Editor: Zeena Alobaidi

Today, for our third Winol Bulletin, we switched roles in production to gain experience on different equipment. Instead of Auto-cue, I was in charge of the Vision Mixer which involved switching between the camera screens (when the presenter was talking) to the VTs (to show packages). It was exciting to try something new and I enjoyed learning how to use it. I made a couple of mistakes although our production editor, Nicole, reassured me that they weren’t noticeable and everything ran fairly smoothly. Zeena Alobaidi, our News Editor for this week made sure all of the reporters had their packages in a couple of hours before broadcasting which made life much easier for us in production. We did have some script problems again which made rehearsals slightly difficult although everyone pulled together and this bulletin was a definite improvement on last week.

In addition, every week we sub-edit news stories that are produced by reporters to check and correct them before they are published.

You can click here to see read a full debrief of our third WINOL with feedback from our Guest Editor, Joe Curtis from the Hampshire Chronicle:

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