WINOL: Bulletin Debrief 30.10.13


Another busy but exciting week on Winol, we had special guest editor Chris Coneybeer (Television reporter for BBC South) come in and give feedback on our bulletin.

Feedback from Chris Coneybeer:

  • interesting stories
  • headlines and captions are very good
  • strong pictures and stories with a good focus on effect
  • very good coming up sequence
  • excellent presentation on sport with good locations
  • great camera work

(things to improve on):

  • be more confident at challenging in interviews
  • graphics need to be carefully considered and easy for the viewer to follow
  • if unable to get an interview with people directly affected by your story (i.e. the storm)  talk and engage with people on the street
  • bring your piece to camera back to Winchester at the end of a story to create a well rounded package
  • plan ahead and use more cameras for a better variety of pictures
  • impact statements need to be on a recent case
  • make sure in OOVs (out of vision voiceovers) when talking over pictures to be careful that the script is relevant to the pictures
  • make sure all shots are in focus

Feedback from Ian Anderson was mostly positive as the bulletin was an improvement on last week with a great Upsot (sound up on tape) and more pictures however there still needs to be more. In contrast to Chris Coneybeer, Ian Anderson said that ‘coming up’ was badly scripted and needed improving before broadcast.

The main points to take from our feedback this week is more pictures, more planning, more confidence, and more time spent on adjusting the script.


About brackenstockley

Contributor to the JusticeGap and WINOL. Currently studying journalism at the University of Winchester (Year Three).
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