WINOL: Bulletin Debrief 06.11.13

Today I was lucky enough to meet Deputy Editor of BBC Politics, Will Boden, and speak with him a little about my roles on production and features. After watching the process leading up to our Bulletin and the finished product he gave our team at Winol some useful criticism and feedback. Overall, Boden was impressed with our work and found the bulletin ‘grabbing’ and interesting. He thought we had a great lead story and good pictures on our Coming Up.

Areas to improve on:

  • more explanation before clips (danger of assuming too much of the audience)
  • more pictures, cutaways and planning of sequences
  • more use of ‘go pro’ camera – shows great initiative and makes packages more interesting
  • take more consideration when creating jump cuts to make sure the pictures flow smoothly into one another
  • be confident and more upfront in interviews (don’t be scared to interrupt and divert the interview to suit the questions you want to ask)
  • it is vital to keep up and focus on social media as it’s a key part of cultivating a larger audience

We also had feedback from Angus Scott who thought that the Bulletin this week was very well done. He mentioned our terrific teamwork and thought it was some of the best work that we have produced so far. There were good pictures in the headlines and nice lighting experimentation in our interview with Labour Party councillor Rowenna Davis.

Areas to improve on:

  • script needs to be handed to our production earlier to give more time for rehearsals
  • headlines need to be extended visually to avoid ‘black holes’
  • headlines need to be better scripted
  • sequences were brilliant in one or two stories but this needs to be seen  in all packages

It is promising to see that our Bulletin is improving little by little every week and our feedback is overall very positive from our own editors and guest editors.


About brackenstockley

Contributor to the JusticeGap and WINOL. Currently studying journalism at the University of Winchester (Year Three).
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