WINOL: Production Week 8

Tuesday 12th November: Sportsweek

Sportsweek ran very smoothly this week with Drew Richardson presenting. I was positioned on camera two to film this week and it only took a couple of run throughs until we had our final recording. Unfortunately, similar to last week, changes were made to the script on the Wednesday morning so the tape had to be scrapped and re-recorded by Sports editor, Thomas Baxter.

Subbing this week has definitely been better in terms of SEO checks being submitted to us by reporters. However, I came across a few fatal errors this week with names being spelt wrong which needs to be addressed as work is not being properly proof read before being submitted to us. We have also come up with a ‘Subs Board’ this week to evenly distribute the workload and also to help with communication between subs and reporters. I found that this new system works very well and has certainly improved the efficiently of our subbing. There is still a problem with text stories being submitted very late in the day and unreasonable demands to sub work in five minutes of it being sent to us.

This week the Production team also filmed an interview between the governor of Winchester prison, David Rogers, and Winol’s chief crime and court reporter, Christina Michaels.

You can watch the full interview here:

Wednesday 13th November:
(7th WINOL Bulletin)

Presenter: Harry Parkhill                  News Editor: Harvey Taylor

This week I was in charge of VTs. This role entails checking packages and making sure that they are in the correct formats, putting them in order, and being in control of airing them during the bulletin. Compared to my other roles on the Production team it was definitely the easiest role that I have done although it is still a vital role in producing a successful bulletin.

You can read the full debrief here: 


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