WINOL: Absolute:ly Magazine Week 8

Monday 11th November: Features Meeting

This was a busy but very productive features meeting as the decision was made to create a collective features ‘mega’ site to include all of our work from Absolute:ly fashion, Travel, the Volt and much more. To have a look out our upcoming site go to

Tuesday 12th November: Top Knot Video and Photo-Shoot

After our features meeting on Monday, where the idea arose for a video hair tutorial, I set to work the next morning to film, shoot and edit the piece in less than 24 hours. I researched techniques the previous night (as I am a self-proffessed amateur when it comes to hair) and was lucky enough to find a model to volunteer her time at short notice.  With the help of one of my team members, Meg Fisher, I was able to use two cameras to film the short clip – which lasted five minutes before editing. Although having booked out a marantz to record my voiceover, I decided to use the radio booth which gave the sound a much better quality. In addition, I took some still shots to use as my ‘before’ and ‘after’ images for the magazine spread.

Friday 15th November: The Perfect Top Knot – Video Tutorial

For this video I created a special magazine style spread. To read more about this, see my notes here: 

Overall, I am extremely pleased with the outcome of this shoot, especially given the quick turn around time. Points to improve on in future shoots might include more planning time, possibly more camera angles and some natural sound.

Go gold this season with some Statement Jewellery

My second article for this week takes a look at some statement jewellery pieces that are flooding our high street stores with a variety of daring styles.

You can read my full article here! 

About brackenstockley

Contributor to the JusticeGap and WINOL. Currently studying journalism at the University of Winchester (Year Three).
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