WINOL: Bulletin Debrief 27.11.13

Presenter: Matt Spencer     News Editor: Nadine Forshaw

The bulletin debrief was encouraging from Ian Anderson this week with some great feedback on production, the order of the news agenda and the impressive use of UPSOT. He also added that there was noticeable improvement on packages this week.

Areas to improve on included:

  • reactivity to ‘breaking news’
  • pushing headlines
  • use of headphones for better control of sound

Feedback from Angus Scott was much more critical but extremely useful to build on.

Areas Angus focused on for us to improve on were:

  • sound – monitoring sound before filming (gun mic)
  • on a week where there is little content go and call contacts and get stories
  • sport package needed consistency of shots and sound
  • focus on stories with human interest
  • never have more than one still in headlines – make sure there are some exciting pictures to grab the attention of the audience
  • never have mics on show in piece to cameras
  • make sure you ‘tell the story’ and don’t presume knowledge from the audience
  • always make use of footage from one to one interviews as they are ‘exclusive’
  • the shape and style of the bulletin is as important as the content so make sure that the news agenda is properly in order
  • more NATSOT (natural sound) in packages
  • relax more when presenting sport – it is supposed to be fun
  • make sure you shoot PTC (piece to camera) as many times as you need

About brackenstockley

Contributor to the JusticeGap and WINOL. Currently studying journalism at the University of Winchester (Year Three).
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