WINOL: Absolute:ly Magazine Week 10

Monday 25th November:

Today was the final preparations for shoot. The time of the shoot changed to 10:45 – 13:00 to accommodate the schedules of the models and the make-up artist. I had a final debrief with my male models to go through clothes and accessories.

Tuesday 26th November: (Day of the Photoshoot)

I got to the studio at 10am to set up before the models arrived. My role in the shoot was to find both the male models and their clothing and to style them on the day – paying special attention to choosing their ties and glasses. I also rented two cameras from the loan counter: one for the photographer, and one for my personal use to take pictures of the process. I was lucky enough to find some perfect male models for both styles who were willing to work for free and who between them brought along thousands of pounds worth of clothing and accessories to work with. With the shots from this shoot we planned to create multiple magazine spreads and a short video with voiceovers explaining the context of our shoot and how we achieved the looks. Here are some pictures from the shoot:

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Saturday 30th November: Editing pictures is one of the biggest tasks after any shoot and takes lots of time and patience. Our Absolute:ly team came in at the weekend to work on writing the script for voiceover and our photographer helped edit the final chosen images. I also looked into finding some additional contextual images to be included in the video.

Rights Reserved to Wikimedia: Martin Luther King and Malcolm X

Rights Reserved to Wikimedia: Martin Luther King and Malcolm X

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Contributor to the JusticeGap and WINOL. Currently studying journalism at the University of Winchester (Year Three).
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