WINOL: Bulletin Debrief 22.01.14



  • Reporters need at least two stories to pitch at the news conference on Mondays to ensure that the bulletin is always full and to give the news editor a choice of stories to pick from.
  • Students need to be more tuned in to breaking news. Read the newspapers and listen to the ‘Today’ programme on Radio 4.
  • As a dummy run the bulletin was a success and Brian and Chris made the decision to broadcast it live at five as any other Wednesday.
  • It was good to have three National stories: King Alfred Remains, MEP and Flooding
  • The bulletin needs an ‘AND FINALLY’ – ideally a ‘fluffy animal’ to lighten the mood.
  • Sound needs to improve in VTs and more use of NAT SOT
  • Headline links need more work and reporters must take time to carefully plan and script their links for the presenter.
  • Production shouldn’t be chasing reporters for headline clips; reporters should have them ready in the morning.
  • Reporters should aim to make the top of the bulletin every week.
  • Great start for production,  everything ran smoothly.

My Package:

Personal evaluation:

This was my first week on News at WINOL. In Monday’s news conference I had naively put all my hopes into a single story to which my interview had fallen through. However, a story was passed onto me about a local MEP candidate who was killed in a bomb attack. Feeling unexperienced I found it challenging dealing with such a sensitive National story.

Understandably, many of Del Singh’s colleagues and friends were grieving and unable to comment. I managed to get in touch with Labour Councillor Jacqui Rayment, who told me how her and Del had known each other for over 10 years. She went on to explain his far-reaching effect, how he was encouraging a number of younger labour party members to run the Palestinian Marathon – looking at fundraising and sponsorships to go out and to raise awareness for one of the many causes he was so passionate about.

I was extremely happy that my package made it into the headlines. My package was not strong on pictures and was very much a slideshow of images with a voiceover. A PTC would have improved the overall presentation and my voice was a bit too shaky with definite room for improvement. Despite these problems I am happy that I completed my first package to the best of my ability at that given time.

About brackenstockley

Contributor to the JusticeGap and WINOL. Currently studying journalism at the University of Winchester (Year Three).
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