WINOL: Bulletin Debrief 29.01.14



  • The bulletin still desperately needs back up stories. With fewer reporters this semester we need more stories to fill up the bulletin to give the news editor the option for stories to be spiked or deferred to the following week.
  • More time needs to be taken on scripting and PTCs need some work.
  • Sound and picture quality has improved although some natural sound needs to be present in OOVs.
  • Circulation is down from last year due to a lack of social media promotion.
  • Pictures on the website need to be in rule of thirds and either show action or identity.
  • Pictures need to be your own as opposed to replying on Creative Commons.
  • Features pieces need to identify if they are comment for legal reasons.
  • Overall a mature bulletin.
  • Headlines still need some work.

Personal Evaluation:

This week I was assigned to organising the upcoming COMPASS meeting between Crime Commissioner, Simon Hayes, and Chief Constable, Andy Marsh.

Working in Production the previous semester, I already had the advantage of having overseen the planning from Chief reporter, Matt Spencer and I used this as a basis to work from.

Initially, when it was thought that the public would be present, there was talk of booking a larger space than our TV Studio. This was problematic in the sense that all of our cameras and sound equipment (inc. auto-cue) are built in to our studio and moving to another space would mean booking out equipment and transferring it to the new location. However, this was not a major problem and I booked out the University’s Auditorium as well as organising a meeting with our IT department to set up the equipment for transfer to this location in advance.

It was later decided to host the COMPASS meeting, now closed to the public, in the TV Studio although it was good practice to have other arrangements in place should anything fall through.

With the location and equipment in place, the planning now focused on making sure I had the auto-cue script from the Commissioner’s office and that times were set in place to meet the teams at reception on the day to bring them down to the studio and go over the day’s schedule.

As I was not producing a package this week I wrote a short text story for the Winol site on the closure of Jamie Oliver’s Winchester restaurant Union Jacks.

You can read more here:

About brackenstockley

Contributor to the JusticeGap and WINOL. Currently studying journalism at the University of Winchester (Year Three).
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