WINOL: Bulletin Debrief 26.02.14


Guest Editor: Rowenna Davis, Labour Parliamentary candidate for Southampton Itchen in the 2015 General Election. Davis worked as a freelance journalist for six years writing about social and economic affairs for publications such as the Guardian, Financial Times and the Independent.


  • Visually, dynamic and exciting
  • Bulletins sustained interest with lots of texture and colour.
  • Possibly too many animals this week – too ‘fluffy’.
  • There needs to be more clarity between stories and more concise scripting.
  • More community voices need to be used in packages for human interest.
  • Get more involved with the community and knock on doors.
  • Nice graphics and variety of stories.
  • Strong headlines and match reports in Sport.
  • Interesting PTCs.

My Package:

Personal Evaluation: 

This week I produced my first court report surrounding a triple conviction for dangerous driving, assault and perverting the course of justice. I am pleased I had the chance to gain this experience although I do not think that my best abilities lie with court reporting as my shorthand isn’t very strong and I struggled with finding pictures. I was unable to get a photo of the convicted man as the judge granted a two year suspended sentence and the police were hesitant to send me one as I was not considered a qualified journalist. Despite this I am happy with framing and focus of the filming however I had a problem with my gunmic and the sound wasn’t up to scratch.

About brackenstockley

Contributor to the JusticeGap and WINOL. Currently studying journalism at the University of Winchester (Year Three).
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