WINOL: Bulletin Debrief 05.03.14


Guest Editors: Claire Lomas and Joe Lipscombe, both alumni of the University of Winchester. Lomas was the managing editor on WINOL and worked mainly in features and is now working for ITV in video journalism. Lipscombe worked on sports and news on WINOL and is currently a writer for Bloomberg business week.


  • Strong headlines, well written.
  • Impressive production (director) and pictures in packages.
  • More development needed in stories – more planning.
  • Reporters demonstrated good use of strong contacts.
  • Stay clear of boring/dull backgrounds in interviews.
  • Great use of graphics in Sport.
  • Professional presenting from reporter, Laura Allen – strong authoritative voice with varied range.
  • Clearer straplines.

My Package:

Personal Evaluation:

This is the biggest story I have covered this semester and I received really promising  positive feedback from my lecturers. It follows the national story on the use of body worn video cameras by all frontline officers in Hampshire. I had been following this story since January and arranged a meeting a month in advance with the Chief Constable to discuss his progress in promoting the cameras. I think the most important part about this package is that it demonstrates a balanced argument, including opposing views to the cameras in the form of two Skype interviews: one with the Deputy Director of Big Brother Watch, Emma Carr, and the other with Director of the Libertarian Alliance, Sean Gabb. I am very proud of this particular story as I had put a lot of planning into the overall feel of the package – including real life police footage from a burglary in Waterlooville, in Hampshire, as well as footage taken on the day of my interview with the Chief Constable from a body worn video camera, taken from two separate angles. I think that there is noticeable improvement in the confidence and authority of my voiceover and I produced a similar article for the Justice Gap due to its popularity.


About brackenstockley

Contributor to the JusticeGap and WINOL. Currently studying journalism at the University of Winchester (Year Three).
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