(01/10/14) First Bulletin (dummy run)

This week was the dummy run for our student broadcast WINOL. As the first bulletin of the semester; new reporters had the chance to test out their new beats. Although the bulletin wasn’t published, one of the packages regarding the upcoming general election featured on our site.

Feedback on bulletin (dummy run):

  • Very good start considering new production team.
  • One of the top priorities for this semester is to improve social media.
  • Reporters should always film more footage than needed.
  • Everyone should bring at least one back up story to the news conference.
  • Improvements need to be made on sound.
  • Make the best use of the equipment available.
  • The new website is looking good as well as the info graphics.
  • Features has been a great success this week. The package surrounding Ballet Week was great and demonstrated good student work with actual audience involvement. Fashion coverage is now better than ever.
  • Less is more with news and features.
  • Avoid comment pieces and essay type features. In video, avoid too much presenter involvement.
  • Use facts to enhance stories but don’t overdo them.
  • Both News and Features should involve people doing things.
  • Politics package: Nice interviews and great graphics but exposition is too long. Make sure to establish balance. Be careful of copyright infringement with pictures – never use a picture unless you’ve taken it yourself, bought it or cleared the copyright.
  • Court story: always try to get a mug shot. White balance needs to be worked on. Top tip: capture interesting cutaways if the story is short on pictures. When filming, always zoom in, set iris and focus then reframe for the best quality pictures. In PTCs only use a few sentences that you can remember – avoid looking down too often to remember lines.
  • Construction package: Too much exposition. Stick to five Ws: Who, What, When, Where, Why. Great interview. Framing and sound were fantastic.
  • Animal fire story: Not enough shots. During an interview, never let the interviewee hold the microphone because this means surrendering creative control. Take advantage of other people’s knowledge but try not to ‘patch up’ in Final Cut Pro.
  • Driver awareness package: Only put things on TV that make sense. Don’t use guilty signs and let shots breathe. Nice delivery in PTC. Try to use a case study. Always use a tripod in GVs.
  • Features trailer: Improvements need to be made in sound but overall features is leaps ahead of last semester.
  • Sports: Needs more content for the size of the team.

VT guide:

  • Always think of location.
  • Use information from the specialists and then make it accessible for target audience.
  • Watch different broadcasts to use as a template to see how to structure VTs.
  • Use NATSOT at the beginning of a VT.
  • Arrange live feeds to create a more interesting story.
  • Alternate interview stance from left to right, and remember rule of thirds and eye-line.
  • You should always hear your interviewees before seeing them – this will look like sound bleeding from underneath the clip on Final Cut Pro.
  • Always throw forward at the end of your package.
  • More OOVs needed to break up the bulletin.
  • Put the best pictures at the start of your VT.
  • Try walking in PTCs to add texture, especially when lacking pictures.

About brackenstockley

Contributor to the JusticeGap and WINOL. Currently studying journalism at the University of Winchester (Year Three).
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