(13/10/14) WINOL (146) Bulletin Debrief

This week I took on the role of News Editor. Although I found this temporary role extremely challenging, it proved to be very rewarding. The bulletin this week received mostly positive feedback and included many good elements such as Meg’s spin on a national story involving Milk prices, a lovely ‘And Finally’ by Nadidja about a new-born donkey and an overall improved production. I was very happy with the order of the bulletin and the headlines that I chose. If I were to take on the role again I would pay closer attention to making sure communication was completely fluid between reporters and myself as there were some instances where I think I overlooked issues such as presenting.

Feedback on Bulletin:

  • Great work from the Director this week despite a few problems in the new studio (sound, vision mixer).
  • Students achieved good access this week and interviews.
  • Fantastic improvement on last week.
  • The use of NATSOT was good this week.
  • In terms of production there were a few black holes between the presenter and VTs.
  • Nice choice of headlines but there needs to be more of a focus on specific sound bites and quotes.
  • Facts need to be in the reporter’s voice.
  • Pictures this week were really good – especially from the court report but stories need more aggression.
  • Bullying story: needed NATSOT at the beginning but it was a good idea with a nice police interview.
  • Milk story: great to localise a national story. Contained a great case study and good detail in shots.
  • Naked rambler: think about the story – ask who it is affecting and go from there. Overall nice report on a story with few pictures.
  • Lib-dem piece: great graphics but audience needed to hear more about the survey.
  • Tourism story: nice shots and great access to Winchester Cathedral but the package really needed input from tourists in the form of vox pops.
  • A lot of the packages needed a throw forward.
  • Sport: Students need to follow up on stories. Basingstoke package needed a throw forward but overall very good. Nice coverage of women’s sport and nice camerawork.
  • Features trailer: needed to give the tease on the comedian using sound levels.
  • Donkey story: Nice ‘And Finally’ – needed more shots and variety but NATSOT at the beginning was great (although starting with the chicken was strange – it worked).

Additional notes:

  • We now have 206 new users.
  • Views are generated mostly through Google so we need to tweet the bulletin via Twitter to boost social media coverage on stories.
  • Coverage of the Coffee House Sessions and National Ballet Week did best for circulation this week although we’re still behind our rivals East London Lines.
  • Be careful of legal issues and comment – you must be able to differentiate between comment and opinion.
  • More of a focus on SEO needed in the coming weeks.
  • Although we have good action shots on Sports we need more on news. Make sure to use relevant pictures for ALL text stories.
  • Our Alexa ranking has fallen behind due to lack of coverage over the summer.
  • Film and edit on a Tuesday – don’t leave it all until the last minute.
  • New reporters on news need to produce work every week to help build confidence and improve week by week.

About brackenstockley

Contributor to the JusticeGap and WINOL. Currently studying journalism at the University of Winchester (Year Three).
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