(20/10/14) Winol (147) Bulletin Debrief

Bulletin Feedback:

  • Only action shots, graphics and mug shots are acceptable in packages. Students need to get rid of all guilty buildings, signs and inanimate objects.
  • Headlines were a bit of a disaster.
  • Sound in the gallery needs to be worked on.
  • Midwives story: very well done on overall package but shots need improving. Use DSLRs as the quality is so much better. Sound is peaking too much so try to use radio mics as opposed to a gun mic to ensure that you have complete control over own voice. Re-do PTCs as many times as you need until they’re right.
  • New Forest Pony story: fantastic shots and actuality and some great interviewees. This piece highlights how much better the DSLR cameras are (high definition). Good choice with second interviewee on horse to go wider on shot as the background is interesting. Sound is always better outside. Nice establishing shots and sequences of ponies. The use of a Go-Pro provided some great, interesting shots.
  • Speed limit story: reporter came in too early with voicing but pace and delivery were good. The interviewee’s background doesn’t add to the story – consider relevant environments. Shots need to be tighter in interviews to improve look and sound. Top tip: remember a gun mic is directional (remember to point it at the person you’re interviewing).
  • Graduation: Julian Fellowes is a big interview, therefore the story should have been higher up in the bulletin.
  • Politics piece: no actuality and starts with figures (which can be boring unless using graphics). Pull focus didn’t really work – just looked out of focus. PTC is a great idea to fill a package but it must be good quality. Bad PTCs have no excuse and remember to never interview someone in-front of a window.
  • Vox pops are good in that they show how people are affected by changes in their area but sometimes they are too long and we need opinion – not facts.
  • Sport: more focus was needed over Winchester city score this week (wasn’t even in the headlines). Presenters need to project more enthusiasm and have fun. Shots should show the crowd’s reaction and interviews are too dark.

WINOL Feedback:

  • WINOL  has generated a lot of traffic from sport but is otherwise lacking – calling for a boost in social media output.
  • People are lacking in knowledge of terminology.
  • All features and news stories must be shared through Twitter and Facebook via WINOL and on individual accounts.
  • There are some technical difficulties with the site which need fixing.
  • News stories not only have to be popular but must also have human interest to build audience appreciation.
  • Production need more of a focus on time management – the bulletin MUST go out at 3pm on the dot.
  • Everyone slumped a bit after the first bulletin, students need to maintain focus.
  • WINOL received 90 more unique IPs than last week.
  • The bulletin had lots of views but the individual videos are lacking in viewers.
  • Deadline for packages should be twelve o’clock. A deadline of two o’clock is too late as it leaves no time for no rehearsal. News anchor was still writing links at quarter to three.
  • Script used in production desperately needs IN and OUT words for presenter and reporters.
  • The new web team are doing very well in their new roles.
  • Three previous students from the course are now employed by Channel 5 and ITN.
  • In news, sound should underlay the pictures (it should be the first thing you hear to make you look at the screen).

About brackenstockley

Contributor to the JusticeGap and WINOL. Currently studying journalism at the University of Winchester (Year Three).
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