(26/10/14) WINOL (148) Bulletin Debrief

Feedback from guest editor Chris Coneybeer: (former BBC TV reporter, now working as a freelance broadcast journalist)

  • Excellent, clean programme that was interesting and held the attention of the audience.
  • Good job from News Editor this week.
  • Fantastic facilities and equipment.
  • Confident and friendly presenting.
  • Professional titles.
  • Nice headlines with good use of UPSOT but the second headline was a bit confusing.
  • Good top story, nice location shot, good use of ‘back and forth’ but the reporter needed to lead the sound a bit (as-live presenting needs a possible rethink in framing).
  • Crime story: great actuality in the beginning, sophisticated PTC and an interesting interview but the package contained slight sound problems. Graphics were nice and the story had good balance.
  • Student housing story: always highlight footage that shows reconstructions. Nice PTC but scripting needs more time. Needed more shots of the estate and the audience would have wanted to hear from students for balance. Interviewee framing worked nicely but lighting was problematic but this can be easily rectified with the use of lamps etc.
  • Tech Hub: dull piece made interesting with pictures but the video with subtitles is distracting. Leading sound on clips was nice but the audience needed to hear more about the cost of the project. Top tip: always identify the human interest.
  • Storm story: good use of natural sound (wind noise) and nice pictures.
  • Drugs: good actuality and very strong interview. Students need to consider different interview environments.
  • OOVS: interesting but needed longer on clips.
  • Sport: presenter was overexposed in-studio. Nice action shots in football especially in the first match. The use of penalty slow-mo and extra behind goal camera show great skills. Woman referee story: good use of lighting in one interview but not in the other. 
  • Always think carefully about light and sound and plan.
  • Graphics as a whole were very imaginative and packages contained nice alliteration and scripting.
  • City model story: nice ‘and finally’ but needed dissolves to compare the model and real-life views. Some shots were shaky, remember to always use a tripod.
  • Features trailer: nicely done, great shots.

Additional notes:

  • Bulletin is consistently improving ahead of last year.
  • Putting in extra hours makes a real difference.
  • This week there was a good mix of stories, fantastic to incorporate some breaking news – we should aim for this every week.
  • Packages are much better with sequences. Reporters are now telling the story.
  • Sound still needs some work.

About brackenstockley

Contributor to the JusticeGap and WINOL. Currently studying journalism at the University of Winchester (Year Three).
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