(03/11/14) Winol (149) Bulletin Debrief

Feedback from guest editor Angus Scott: (Al Jazeera)

  • Production showed a marked improvement as the bulletin ran much smoother than previous weeks.
  • There were some very promising packages this week. The bulletin was almost bursting at the seams which is great as this creates more decisions for the News Editor.
  • Reporters need to be snappier with editing but story quality and volume is great.
  • Every second of a package needs to be worthwhile, no longer, no shorter.
  • All stories would’ve been run (none would have been spiked) which is impressive.
  • Presenting needs more light and shade.
  • Headlines need more balance.
  • Puppy farm piece: although top story – none of the images are ours. Not a breaking story however it was a great turn around. There was a great opening effect and the reporter had to work hard to get the phone call. This piece would lead a national bulletin.
  • Immigration story: great, confident voice over, but scripting needs to be more concise. Great grab from John Denham.
  • Reporters need to include more people in their packages (human interest is key).
  • Bus piece: some sound problems, gun mic needs to be positioned much closer to interviewee to improve quality and remember to always avoid repeated shots.
  • Lloyds bank: story needed a local angle, very woolly and included some repetition.
  • Flood piece: nice link and good use of archive material. With archive material remember to add in original date on strap. A slide in graphic was needed to help visualise phone interview. Overall, well rounded package with good interviews.
  • Driving piece: very sophisticated, nice case study with human interest. Sound needed on cutaways (even if low).
  • Housing: Link to package was too short. Good piece.
  • OOVS: well put together.
  • Good skills showed by the director this week. As director, remember to tell everyone their in and out words.
  • Skateboards piece: link a bit too short. PTC was good and lively but the story needed updating with facts on the day.
  • Sports: Presenters need to lighten up. There needs to be more use of tighter shots. Reporters demonstrated good use of scripting. Tough Mudder piece was brilliantly filmed – definitely one of the best packages we’ve seen in three years as it was very engaging and included a variety of shots.
  • WinchXtra: Jacqueline Wilson interviews was nice, and although classed as features, it was good to include her in the headline as she’s a popular writer.
  • Features: needs to be ‘sexier’: think about music and faster pacing. Reporters need to sell their stories.

Additional Notes:

  • Circulation is getting better with about 512 unique IPs and page views are reaching almost 4000.
  • Improvements need to be made to the website: top slider needs to be changed as it doesn’t work on mobiles and is distracting from the news.
  • Website now has very professional photographs with nice rule of thirds and consistent typography (sans sarif used more tabloid and sarif in broadsheet).
  • Social media needs a boost. Reporters need to think about live tweeting events.

About brackenstockley

Contributor to the JusticeGap and WINOL. Currently studying journalism at the University of Winchester (Year Three).
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