(10/11/14) WINOL (150) Bulletin Debrief

Feedback from guest editor Claudia Murg: (Investigative Journalist)

  • Improvement on last year.
  • Nice intro with headlines and good choice of pictures.
  • In-studio chat had good quotes and the interviewee reacted well to questions, but the presenter was slightly hesitant. Top Tip: Keep questions simple. This piece could be improved by thinking about the victim’s point of view (give them some public value). Try and enjoy the interview, and remember to keep things formal (don’t address interviewee by their first name – give them some recognition).
  • Remember to attribute quotes on graphics for credibility.
  • Crime Story: very well done to get the victim, nice flow to the piece, got the studio right and nice rehearsal time.
  • Harvester piece: really good public interest story, nice opening and great interview. Looked really professional in headlines but reporter needs to slow down in PTCs.
  • Firefighters strike: reporter took ownership of package but needed more interviews on camera and more facts. As a journalist you should always have a good idea of what people are going to say. More preparation means less nervousness. Remember to put yourself in the place of the viewer. (News: identify what is important and what is not) think about facts and audience.
  • Believe in your story and put your best footage and sound at the top.
  • Think about your motivation to become a journalist and find a way of communicating the news you learn for the benefit of the public.
  • Water metres: story needed a range of answers with a range of interviewees. Focus on what affects people (in this case cost). Audience needed to know that Southern Waters’ profits dropped. Make stories relevant to the consumer and think about their choices or how they could react.
  • Museums: confusing picture choice – looked like a selection of postcards. Story needed a shot outside the museum and vox pops to bring the piece to life.
  • Always have the end result in mind. Think of target audience and enjoy yourself and self-evaluate.
  • Always keep in mind what is at stake.
  • Think about what you have in common with the people you’re interviewing.

Feedback from Angus Scott: (Al Jazeera)

Additional Notes:

  • Features is doing very well. A more aggressive style of filming and editing can be brought into news.
  • Reporters need more grip on stories to improve: from the news conference, to editing  and then to writing the link. You must have complete confidence in your story, don’t just hope to find a story by filming.
  • The main responsibility of a journalist is to tell the news, not describe what has happened (which is easier). Avoid just question and answer, listen to your interviewee and link questions. Aim higher than student level journalism.
  • Always remain unbiased but be conscious of an angle. If your story is untrue then you drop it.

There are two kinds of journalists:

  1. Those who play Poker: wing it and essentially get a story from an interview. Or;
  2. Those who play Chess: who think about their story beforehand and plan.
  • In the news conference: identify your story. You should know enough from your research what the story is: i.e. in sport there are really only three possible outcomes: win, lose or draw.
  • We need to make more of WinchXtra as this is aimed at our immediate student audience.
  • Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday: ramp up social media output.
  • Graphic styling is looking better by having a higher criteria for pictures.
  • Presenting needs more aggression. Presenters are somewhat like human special effects: they break up the bulletin and avoid juxtaposition libel. Therefore, don’t use the presenter to explain the story. They essentially just need to buffer between stories.
  • Facts should be in reporters’ voices.
  • Less is more.
  • In studio chat this week was good practise for production team.
  • Good to see everyone filming sequences, not quite right yet but getting there.
  • Still not enough variety of shots, reporters need more pictures to choose from.
  • Nice original stories this week with good natural sound.

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Contributor to the JusticeGap and WINOL. Currently studying journalism at the University of Winchester (Year Three).
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