(17/11/14) WINOL (151) Bulletin Debrief

Feedback from guest editor Ian Sherwood: (Senior News Editor at Sky News and Former Deputy Washington Bureau Chief for BBC News)

  • Incredible to see work in action – WINOL is very close to a regional news room and students are receiving first hand experience of what broadcast journalism is really like. Amazing opportunities for students to be involved in both news gathering and production, working together to create outstanding output.
  • Journalists are only as good as their contacts – build as many as you can.
  • Your packages are evidence that you can deliver on stories – always produce to the best of your ability.
  • When you go for a job: sell yourself. Explain how you are capable of contributing contacts and ideas consistently.
  • Put your best pictures at the top of your VT.
  • Our responsibility as journalists is to tell a story not describe it, reporters must dig through reports and press releases to discover what is important.
  • Impressive mobile output,
  •  PTCs are one of the most, if not THE most important part of a package; whether you use it in the final package or not you should always film one for practise (even on features). Top tip: use a three point list in your PTC to get to grips with the news. Semi-scripting makes PTCs more fluent.
  • Great editorial turn around. Highly impressive for WINOL to get Nick Clegg (Deputy Prime Minister) for an interview.
  • Lib Dem story: brilliant quotes that would be welcomed in any national news output. Nice coverage of topical issues. PTC should tell you something you don’t know or be analytical – the backdrop needed to be more relevant i.e film Nick Clegg leaving or walking in.
  • Slaughterhouse story: great piece, strong pictures with massive impact.
  • Flytipping story: challenging story for pictures but sound grabs were great.
  • OOV: Lecturer story based at UoW: very challenging piece to do as it’s so close to home but reporter showed great skill in tackling it.
  • Ebola piece: great story. Told the audience something they didn’t know which is always what news should do. Story should have been higher up the bulletin as it’s an international story with relevant public interest. Good interview but the reporter needed to remember the story is about the people affected and therefore they should have gone at the top of the piece (victim focused).
  • Rats piece: great – again tells audience something they didn’t know. Required a lot of patience to attain shots of rats – well done.
  • Sports: good but could have made more of the exclusive interview – trumpet anything exclusive, be it news, features or sports.
  • Remembrance day: strong report, great natsot but don’t let sound overshadow voicing and therefore be more sensitive with sound mixing.
  • Features: really enjoyable and fun. ‘Movember’ was good, nice tease, ticked along nicely. Remember to draw the audience in without giving too much away.
  • Sky looks for specific skill sets in applicants now which is great for students at WINOL because the cameras we use are the same as those at SKY and the BBC.
  • Keep up-to-date with evolving technology (using phones on location). Our generation is best equipped for this. News gathering and product delivery needs to change to adapt to new ways of filming and editing. Show what you can do with technology and teach your employers something new.
  • Focus on plugging how good you are on social media. Increase your followers – you can use them to impress potential employers.
  • Fact checking en-route as stories break is vital. ‘Sources’ are often primarily found on twitter and best news gathering (interviews, pictures) occurs in the immediate aftermath of something happening.

Feedback from Angus Scott: (Al Jazeera)

Additional Notes:

  • The eyeline in some packages is bad because reporters are looking up/down. Therefore, create a checklist for filming: eyeline, sound, rule of thirds.
  • Always keep going with questions during and interview and make sure you take plenty of shots because the time won’t come again.
  • Students need to remove themselves from their regimented, mark focused attitudes and focus more on culminating contacts – use your current situation to further your career.
  • There were some production problems in the headlines this week but the team reshot them. Production, as well as the presenter, need more time for rehearsals for the bulletin.
  • There is never a problem with students being too ambitious – aim higher.
  • Graphics are outstanding.
  • Nice work from the News Editor this week – showed great responsibility and a varied bulletin.
  • Number of bulletin views have gone down this week, students need to focus more on promoting their work.

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Contributor to the JusticeGap and WINOL. Currently studying journalism at the University of Winchester (Year Three).
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