(24/11/14) WINOL (152) Bulletin Debrief

Feedback from guest editor Laura Trant: (BBC South)

  • Bulletin was exciting, engaging and genuinely enjoyable to watch.
  • Great choice of headlines and use of shots.
  • Both the police story on under-recorded crimes and, the house explosion story were both really strong and either could have been top stories.
  • WINOL’s newsroom and studio are very close to real world working environments such as those at the BBC  and other professional broadcasters.
  • Students are respectful and supportive of each other.
  • Great variety of stories that held interest throughout.
  • House Explosion piece: Be careful to be totally honest about time frames, i.e. say “a short while earlier” not “a few moments ago” if that is closer to reality.
  • Always use strongest part of the story first (human interest = people at the beginning).
  • Police Job Cuts: great start, good variety of shots and use of ‘zoom’, nice interview but really needed police presence. Needed more of a link at the end to connect following crime story on under-recorded crimes.
  • Under-recorded crimes by Hampshire Police: fantastic graphics, confident presenting. Top tip: hold paper perpendicular to your front, so as not to block yourself.
  • Gambling story: such a great package it would have easily made the cut for BBC South. Nice spin on a national story with the use of a great case study. Audience will appreciate a real identifiable person. Graphics were fantastic, modern and very relevant. Overall, a strong human interest piece.
  • Women bishops: really important subject. Facts need to be more straight forward and ‘dumbed’ down a little. Great interview but bold statement about “black, gay, female bishops” should have been in the headlines.
  • Ponies in the New Forest: Good example of writing well to pictures – great first line. Strong interviews and PTC was a very brave decision (hands on approach) – sitting on a horse.
  • Nice use of an OOV to break up the bulletin.
  • Dog Story: Good PTC but a bit static. The dog owner who was being interviewed could have been walking or crouching with his dog to improve the overall look of the piece.
  • Sports: Very well put together, first PTC was slightly dark but Basingstoke script was excellently written. Presenters were good at bringing stories to life.

Feedback from Angus Scott: (Al Jazeera)


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Contributor to the JusticeGap and WINOL. Currently studying journalism at the University of Winchester (Year Three).
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