(01/12/14) WINOL (153) Bulletin and Semester Debrief

Feedback from guest editor Graham Bell (Omnisport Bulletin Producer) and alumni from the University of Winchester:

  • Skills you learn on WINOL will take you on to your career.
  • Winchester students are usually the best candidates for new jobs as they require next to no training and stand out because they are ready the day they walk in the door.
  • Headlines are strong with good upsot, but you don’t need straps. Using Chris Packham in the headlines was great for credibility but in sports, don’t use jump cuts in the headlines and you should have kept the fight scene a bit longer.
  • Too much opinion in the Badger Package voiceover describing the animals as ‘cute’ – potentially biased.
  • Coming out of the headlines, the presenter doesn’t need to welcome the audience again as it hinders the flow, but otherwise Tate (presenter) was superb but be careful of small errors such as wires showing on screen.
  • The Ferguson story was a fantastic piece but there was no real on-the-day-news.
  • Failing to report the story, featured on BBC South, regarding the University’s ‘Innocence Project’ was a big oversight.
  • Students should have made more of a big deal of winning an award at the BJTC.
  • Running order for the bulletin was very heavy and needed a bit more light and shade.
  • The package about the Christmas market should’ve been lighter as it was too serious.
  • NHS strikes: good use of upsot to start package and a good end shot. There was nice use of interviewees but the reporter should’ve gone to people outside the hospital first to focus on the human aspect.
  • Prison package with Governor: really good piece and the studio interview was well shot (nice to not have a standard office interview). It was great to have a shot of both the reporter and interviewee (makes the piece look more more credible). It was impressive to secure an interview with the prison Governor. Needs to be more confidence in PTC.
  • Badgers: great PTC – brilliant angle with protesters in background, bit shaky but good to be involved. We needed to play more on Packham as a celebrity. In the PTC it was nice having the reporter walking out of frame as well (like TV).
  • House fire in Shirley: audience left feeling confused ‘and what?’ Needed to know more about the people involved. Although the piece was good as a running story from last week it didn’t quite work.
  • News editor, Lauren, showed confidence fighting for the running order of stories – always good to stick to your guns.
  • Isle of Wight- great upsot at the beginning but needs work on scripting (top line included an error as Isle of Wight is part of the UK).
  • One way system story: good use of time lapse but went on too long, however it demonstrated sophisticated editing. Make sure to take multiple shots for sequences.
  • Sports: Stadium Story and Match Report: highlights needed to go first to help lighten the bulletin. More communication needed with teams on both sides.
  • Basingstoke Town piece: needed more sophisticated filming. There was a problem with one of the facts.
  • Overall, students produced a great watchable bulletin for Winchester residents with great relevance for locals.

Guest editor Francois Nel: (External Examiner) who works with editors of The Sun and The Times:

  • Really impressed.
  • No nervousness from students on News day.
  • Great to see all the awards that we continue to receive for student journalism.

Feedback from Angus Scott: (Al Jazeera)

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Feedback on the Semester as a whole:

It has been a great semester, especially on features.

Features are much more visually interesting this year, views are now hitting the 100s which is great for student work. Although there have been some issues with WinchXtra, there has been lots of creativity with editing and a lot of hard work and effort from students.

Traffic and page views have improved. Features now easily produce hours of completely adequate, interesting material (perfect for the magazine world). Professionalism is outstanding and guests have compared WINOL to the likes of the BBC.

There was bit of a struggle on features to begin with  everyone stuck with it and found their niche. Students are expected to contribute to the upmost of their ability.

Features need to be less personality led and more about the story. Students haven’t been brave enough sometimes and need to make certain areas like fashion more edgy.

We need more gonzo style features (more fun).

There was perhaps too many news guest editors and therefore next semester we need more features guests such as Caroline Hendry (editor of Hitched) and Justina Chlad (production journalist).

Key Points:

Features is showing whereas news is telling.

USE the William Randolph Hearst method: 1) find the story 2) stand it up.

  • In PTCs we need more movement and more invigoration.
  • Sports need to move up to the next level, i.e. use go pros in the net and have more cameras.
  • Need more use of experimental equipment such as the tri-caster (don’t be afraid to try new things).
  • Avoid faked up two-ways in the studio.
  • Students need to focus more on people (get people doing things!)

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Contributor to the JusticeGap and WINOL. Currently studying journalism at the University of Winchester (Year Three).
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